Black players on NHL teams? The list is long

This is a well researched list. Players of color have a long history in the NHL


A reader recently asked me if the New York Islanders had any other black players skate for them besides forward Josh Ho-Sang, a late-season call-up from the minor leagues, and former goaltender-turned-broadcaster Kevin Weekes.

The quick answer is yes: forward Kyle Okposo, who was taken by the Isles with the seventh overall pick in the 2006 National Hockey League Draft, played for the team until he joined the Buffalo Sabres for the 2016-17 season.

Christopher Gibson, a black goaltender from Finland, who appeared in four games last season, and three other players also had stints on Long Island  over the years.

The reader’s question made me realize that a lot of hockey fans,  especially newer ones, may not know that their favorite teams have had several black players on their rosters over the decades.

Every NHL team has had at least two black or biracial players on…

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2 thoughts on “Black players on NHL teams? The list is long

    1. That is a common misconception. Men of color have been in the NHL since the 50’s. The first was Willie Oree, who played for the Boston Bruins.

      Having grown-up in New England, the Bruins are my favorite team.

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