Well, so far I’ve learned a ton.   Before I get into that, I have some people to thank.

Skylarity and Brainy Versatility have been nothing short of fabulous.  They are positive, encouraging and supportive!  It is an honor to have these folks follow me, and a pleasure to follow them.  I have to thank them for their support.

Skylarity’s author Josiah Harry is supportive and regularly publishes upbeat, positive, encouraging posts.  I love his perspective, and message.  The Skylarity site has a great feel and look.  Hopefully, when I figure more stuff out, Zoe’s View—when it grows-up—will feel and act a lot like Skylarity.

In a recent post, Mr. Harry said “But here’s the twist. The reward is not about you. The reward is about creating experiences that add value to other people’s lives.”  I love that!  For service-oriented people, like myself, it’s about what you can do for others.

Brainy Versatility is also supportive.  I was humbled last week when Brainy Versatility reblogged my story, 5 Reasons you should subscribe to Built for Hockey.  Not only did they reblog it, they encouraged many to visit my site, and “SHOW HER SOME SUPPORT TOO!”  I was truly honored.

Also, Brainy Versatility’s advice to new bloggers is excellent.  I love the message:  “Team work makes the Dream Work!”  The recent post Sharing knowledge and being appreciative, is one of the best things I’ve read in the last few weeks.

I dare say, Skylarity and Brainy Versatility are the 1-2 punch for new bloggers.  They have been nothing short of gracious.

A note from the new kid

So, I’m the new kid!  I’m new to ALL of this—blogging, social media, everything—it’s all new.  In some ways it’s been like drinking from a fire hose.  But I think it’s been a good experience.  It certainly has been fun!

I’m sure I’ve already made some mistakes.  I’m trying.  It’s okay to let me know if I could do things better.  I’m open to constructive criticism, and friendly feedback.

Social Media

In addition to joining WordPress, and cooking up some stuff, I’ve also made my first steps into social media.  Friends have told me to join before, but I never saw the point.  If I wanted to watch you eat a hot fudge sundae, I’d go to the ice cream store with you.  I didn’t see a need to join something for your dessert escapades. And if you wanted me to join you in the first place, why didn’t you just invite me?

Some people told me it’s a great way to get in touch with old friends.  Again, I’m lost.  If I felt the need to stay in touch with old friends, I’d pick-up the phone.

What changed my mind?

Well, I read all the reasons a blogger needs to be on social media.  Okay.  I see.  So I joined Twitter.  I see the benefit, both specifically for blogging and in general.  Not bad.  I do get it.  And another positive, I just got my first retweet!

Facebook is a different story.  I joined Facebook because some interesting stuff popped-up on Twitter, but when I clicked it told me to log-in to Facebook to see it.  Grrrr!  Okay.  I did it.  But it does seem Twitter followers come a bit easier than Facebook friends.

The main reason I didn’t just scrap Facebook is I actually like some of the Facebook-only stuff.

Hockey Mom’s Aren’t Crazy—Just surpassed 17,000 likes this week!  Congrats to them.  This is a fun site for hockey families.  Author Jody Anderson takes a lighthearted, and good-natured look at the lunacy surrounding this great game.  The Facebook page is an extension of her book, by the same name.

SportsParenting (JBM Thinks)—Janis B. Meredith is a self-defined sports mom.  She tries to bring civility and common sense to youth sports.  She has been featured on a variety of media outlets.  Her message is a good one and we often need the reminder.  Her mantra:  “Be a Voice for Positive Change in Youth Sports! Be part of the Positive Sports Parenting Tribe!”

Youth Hockey Chicago & Girls Youth Hockey Chicago —I don’t know who maintains and monitors these sites, but they do an outstanding job.  They post a wide variety of things from stories to memes.  Everything is relevant, nothing is frivolous (except by design for fun!).  Definitely worth checking out for hockey families in particular, and youth sports families in general.

I’ve had slightly less luck with some of the writer’s pages.  I’m working through it.  I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it work.

Thanks again to Skylarity and Brainy Versatility .  You owe it to yourself to give them a look!

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