Guest Post by Greg W.

My friend, Greg, sent me this email. I found it hysterical, and wanted to share it with you. Greg agreed, as long as I didn’t use his name.

I feel stupid.

I’m like a lot of people. I have an iPhone, but when it comes to computers, I’ve always balked at the price of a Mac.

When I got my latest iPhone (a 6+S–Coach’s edition), I quickly squirrelled away all those apps the Apple-orchard decided I needed without asking me. You know like Podcasts, iTunesU, and Health. Yup, all in a little folder.

I don’t know how to cast a pod. I don’t need a degree in iTunes. And I’m a pretty healthy, coffee-guzzling, occasional smoker who doesn’t need to be nagged by an electronic gadget!

Because I’ve always maintained a windows-based laptop, not a Mac, I really had no idea what Pages, Keynote, and Numbers were. Into the useless folder they went.

Recently, I’ve been doing a little research on Macs. I know you swear by them. So do some other friends of mine. But they are still 2-4 times the cost of a Windows-based PC.

My current laptop seems to be getting tired. Any day now I expect to wake up to find a note on the screen saying:

“I died last night.”

I’m hoping to have files transferred before that happens. In my research, I came across articles upon articles about how great Pages is. So I thought I’d check it out on my iPhone.

I went to the App Store, looked it up, and it said “open.” That is Apple’s very nice way of saying, “You already have this, dummy.”

I had no idea. It was in that folder. That one I never look in.

It is so clean, compared to my, ummm, big box word processor.

Pretty cool!

I’ve coached with Greg. In a similar event, he swore composite hockey sticks were just a fad. He clung to his traditional (read as antiquated) wooden stick, until he broke it at a practice one night. He couldn’t find a suitable replacement, and begrudgingly bought his first composite stick. After he used it for the first time, he sounded like he was the spokesman for the company.

It was like he discovered fire.

Greg may be a bit late to the dance, but when he does get there, he’s no wall flower.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him, Pages is also available for a PC.

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